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P&M Amusements funfair rides and side stalls

Below are photos with brief descriptions of various funfair rides and side stalls that can be hired directly from ourselves. To view larger image, please click thumbnail immediately left of blue coloured arrow. 
• Create a fun, carnival atmosphere with our range of traditionally styled rides, side stalls and games
• Equipment is fully insured and tested by independent inspectors and registered with ADIPS
• Rides and stalls can be powered via a 240 volt AC mains supply, or from our own mobile power units  
Rides and stalls are staffed by trained, helpful, P&M Amusements operators

Funfair/fairground rides and side stalls can be hired as single units or as packages    

Dodgem cars - click to view larger version Dodgem Cars: One of the classic fairground attractions, dodgem cars also known as bumping cars, dashing cars, or simply dodgems have been entertaining children and adults alike since the 1920s.

Ghost train - click to view larger version Ghost Train: Our double deck ghost train provides spooky fun for all ages.

Twister - click to view larger version Twister: This ride is both suitable for adults and children. The twister has been a family favorite from the rock and roll era up to present day.

Traditional children's roundabout - click to view larger version

Traditional Children's Roundabout: This beautifully decorated vintage roundabout has brought pleasure to children for over fifty years. With its assorted toys this carousel will kindle every child's imagination. 
• Age range - 2 to 8 years
• Children may be accompanied by adults
• Ride maximum capacity - 30 children
• Operational space - 6 meters diameter (19.6 ft)

Children's Chair-O-Planes - click to view larger version

Children's Chair-O-Planes: Simple, well decorated and beautifully illuminated, children's chair-o-planes are traditional funfair mini thrill rides. Children are securely seated in suspended chairs, then as the ride revolves the chairs swing out.
• Age range - 2 to 12 years
• Ride maximum capacity - 20 children
• Operational space - 7 meters diameter (22.9 ft) 

Helter Skelter - click to view larger version

Helter Skelter: An established classic funfair favourite with all ages, this brightly illuminated helter skelter gives the young and young at heart the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of sliding at ever-increasing speeds down the chute's twists and turns. Mat supplied of course! This ride makes a first-class focal point for any event. 
Operational space - 6 meters diameter (19.6 ft) 14 meters high (45.9 ft)

Striker: Full size adult striker. The classic fairground test your strength machine. Hit the button with the mallet and see if you can ring the bell.
Side Stalls   Our traditional fairground side stalls come in a range of sizes and incorporate various games. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use they are a  popular and successful attraction at any event or function. To view a larger version of the side stall pictures click on any of  the thumbnails below.

P&M Amusements side stall attractions. Click to view larger versions.

Swing Boats - click to view larger version

Swing Boats: These have long been funfair favourites. Pulling on the suspended ropes causes the boats to swing backwards and forwards. The harder the ropes are pulled the faster and higher the boats go.  
• Ride maximum capacity - 8 people
• Operational space - 11 meters long (36 ft) 6 meters high (19.6 ft)

Mini Waltzer - click to view larger version

Mini Waltzer: This mini waltzer has all the thrills and twists normally associated with a much larger ride. The ride is well presented, traditionally decorated and includes an assortment of multi-coloured flashing lights. 
• Age range - 4 to 14 years
• Children may be accompanied by adults
• Ride maximum capacity - 18 children 
• Operational space - 6 meters diameter (19.6 ft)

Bouncy Castle - click to view larger version

Bouncy Castle: Our bouncy castles with their eye-catching designs are not too big or too small, allowing children to safely bounce up and down on a bed of air. 
• Maximum capacity - 12 persons at any one time 
• Operational space - 6 x 6 metres (19.6 x 19.6 ft)
• Must be sited on grass

P&M Amusements Candy Stall - click to view larger image

Candy Floss Stall: A traditional funfair stall where everyone can enjoy instantly made tasty, melt in your mouth candy floss; "the true taste of the fair". Served on a stick to be eaten immediately, or in a bag to be enjoyed later, our P&M Amusements candy floss is served up in a variety of colours, including fairground classic pink.

Coconut Shy - click to view larger version

Coconut Shy: Our colourful coconut shy side stall is another popular traditional funfair/fκte game. Players typically buy three wooden balls, which they throw at a row of coconuts balanced on pegs, winning any they successfully dislodge.

Darts Side Stall - click to view larger version

Darts Side Stall: Our brightly coloured darts side stall is another traditional funfair attraction where players can safely try out their dart throwing skills to win a variety of prizes. 

Cork Shooter Stall - click to view larger version

Cork Shooter Side Stall: Create an authentic, carnival atmosphere at your event and add all the fun-of-the-fair with our cork shooter side stall. Using cork firing rifles or pistols, players attempt to knock target ducks off a shelf to win a prize.

Round Stall - click to view larger version

Round Stall: In addition to our traditionally styled, eye-catching round stall we also have other beautifully painted fairground games stalls, including; Coconut Shy • Cork Shooter • Tin-Can-Alley • Hook-a-Duck plus Rings and Blocks. All side stalls enable players to win prizes while helping to create an exciting, authentic carnival atmosphere. 

Mini Jets - click to view larger version

Mini Jets: Made up of eight revolving rockets with flashing lights, sound effects, plus up and down movements controlled by the children, mini jets are another exhilarating, enjoyable interactive funfair ride. 
• Age range - 4 to 12 years
• Children may be accompanied by adults
• Ride maximum capacity - 32 children
• Operational space - 10 metres diameter (32.8 ft)

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